Sunday, October 22, 2006

Who did write the Tax Reform Commission Report?

Call me sensitive but I don't think that those of us on the working party got sufficient credit for our efforts. Indeed, some did not get any credit anywhere in the report. I only ever saw the Commission at the launch, the hard and very good work was done by the Special Advisers and Secretariat although I wouldn't underplay say Alistair Craig or my own efforts on Business Taxation and others helped on other chapters.

At least I got a reference to the tome I produced whilst at CCHQ a few times, but lets be honest I wrote a large chunk of The Reform is Possible Chapter. However, I would have liked my proofs that the Australian tax cuts have raised more revenues each time, ie tax cuts create economic stability to have stayed in. ....

Other matters that failed to make the cut, were case studies of Hong Kong and Canada, and the estimate of how much shorter group tax computations would have been. The reason for their omission, almost certainly due to the desire to get the Report down to a sensible length. Hong Kong and Canada tell the same story as the other countries mentioned. If you want a copy then please eMail me at - otherwise they just clutter up my hard drive.

PS - If anyone thought it was me who leaked stuff, you're wrong. I behaved myself at all times and it was privilege and a pleasure to work with the Secretariat.


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