Saturday, October 21, 2006

Boy George struggles at the launch of the Tax Reform Commission

Its a good job that the TRC Report is top quality, because the Press Conference was a mess. Journo after journo lined up to probe Boy George about the £21bn of tax cuts. And he struggled.

George could have defended the concrete proposals before him in terms of the economic growth they would generate, and by questioning the current levels of public expenditure. Instead he bought into the false Dave-Brownian logic that reducing tax rates reduces tax revenues, despite considerable evidence to the contrary in the report he commissioned. And he banged on about environmental taxes, I think you will find George that petrol is taxed quite enough in this country already.

However the killer quote came when Osborne announced

"We will not be proposing a reduction in the level of taxation at the next General Election"

Maybe George would like first read chapters 2, 3 and 4 of the report that show the benefits of reducing tax. He might also like to consider who "We" was in his quote, because I don't think Dave is either strong, or good, enough to fight off the party's desire to cut taxes. It was notable that when asked did Dave and George try and get the TRC to take the tax cuts out of the report, Lord Forsyth didn't even come close to a no.

The case for tax cuts is clear in the TRC Report - if Dave and George should embrace it because the more they argue the contrary the weaker they look.


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