Tuesday, October 17, 2006

And the candidate for Thanet South

ain't Charlie Elphicke. And she ain't Eurosceptic either. Don't worry about the lack of a picture you're not missing much.

Here's some of the wit and lack of wisdom of Laura Sandys. The quotes come from different articles.

Europe has asked the Commission to fulfil too many roles. It is not that the Commission needs to become more democratic – in many ways it should be totally divorced from politics. It is that we need to develop an explicitly political and democratic European master under which the Commission can operate.

The European Union (EU) has embarked upon a decisive phase of reappraisal and significant reform. Under the chairmanship of Giscard D’Estaing, a Constitutional Convention is under way. Its aims are greater democratisation, transparency, accountability and a new contract between the governed and governors to be encoded in a new Treaty.

The arrival of a European currency is also changing the nature of interdependency and is having a fundamental impact on people’s perception of their identity. Despite the hitherto low valuation of the Euro, the European economic force is now in the game – and it is only Europe as a whole, not its constituent parts, that make up this force.

The common currency has also resulted in a significant change in Europe’s level of confidence internationally. And, as with all markets, confidence is key to success. The coming recession (Ed - only in the Eurozone) may be bad for everyone, but it looks as if Europe will gain support for its enlarged currency in a period of general weakness.

And some people on ConsHome wondered if she actually was Europhile


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