Sunday, September 03, 2006

Lots on cutting taxes in the paper

Lots on taxes in the papers. We are about 5 to 6 weeks off from the Tax Reform Commission publishing, so raising tax on the political agenda is as always a good thing.

1. Conservatives still don't really understand the art of tax-cutting

The Business tears apart the Dave illogic to not cutting taxes

2. Britain's poor are paying higher taxes under Brown

A-List Rejectee, Charlie Elphicke makes great ground with tomorrow's publication stressing how the poor now may more in tax than in 1997. Norris and Cameron - please note, increasing road fuel duty will only make the poor's position worse

3. Public sector reform then tax cuts

Chairman of Reform publishes a Cameroon article which has a streak of "economic stability must come first". Its also contrary to some of Reform's own views on taxes. He is right that making increasingly necessary reforms of the public sector would enable tax cuts, but these should be more tax cuts, the arguments for tax cuts, which will actually increase tax revenues, in the first place is strong - see the first article. Cutting taxes and reforming the public sector should be concurrent policies.

4. Senior Tories call for cut in taxes

Several MPs look to have had their lot with DC's economic stability and nonsense and will push tax cutting back into the debate. If DC has any sense he'll absorb some of this into policy and remove the sting, and please the party, and when properly argued the electorare. If he does not and keeps refusing to pledge tax cuts, then he starts to look like someone who just doesn't get it.


At 12:23 PM, Blogger Bel said...

I agree with your post.

As to point 4 above, I am starting to think that David Cameron doesn't actually get it.His mindset needs to change. He should remember that this is actually our money, and not the State's. He should be pledging to do all he can to return some of it to us. Until he starts thinking in those terms, we will have this timidity.

It is now widely accepted that cutting taxes stimulates economic growth, leading to more tax revenues. Nobody even attempts to deny this anymore. DC and his colleagues know this. They have however decided to turn a blind eye to that.


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