Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Dave the Irrelevant

Call me old-fashioned but aren't you meant to do your gap year between school and university, rather than between party leader and Prime Minister.

Whilst New Labour falls apart, with widespread criticism of the government's failure on crime, tax, health and education Dave tries to write the Not-so-Rough Guide to Asia.

Law and order is in a shocking state, but its David Davis scoring all the points against the opposition. British troops get killed in Afghanistan, but DC doesn't call Blair to account for broken promises. Education standards slip again, but where are DC's reforms to raise standards. The A-List has been ignored by party members, and reforms to the employment of Party Agents and local campaigning strategies have not been heard of. Dave taunts Gordon Brown as being the Fossil-Fuel Chancellor but about the only remaining supporter of Brown's attitude to taxation is DC's guru Oliver Letwin.

And in the meantime, the wider party is leading public opinion on tax cuts, a broken windows law and order policy, continued Euroscepticism, and greater choice in health and education. The new political agenda for the UK is being set by rightwing bloggers representing the wider Conservative party. DC just goes on holiday and rides his bike. Dave better jump on the bus quick, because its moving forward, in the right direction, and sooner or later it will work out that it doesn't need the current designated driver.


At 4:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a european investor in the UK. Over the last 20 years my family's companies have invested £75 million. We provide employment with decent (european style) conditions to our 328 employees. In recent years (particularly when the UK didn't set a course to join the euro) we stopped our investment as we now perceive the UK economy as a lopsided bet on a japan-circa-early-90es-style property bubble.

Accordingly we have divested any real estate in the UK which we feel is "irrationally exuberant" and is very likely to crash. We feel that this is true even with the stimulus of running a very aggressively competitive tax and worker rights regime within the single market in effect taking investment which would otherwise be in other european countries to the UK.

Given this fact we are alarmed by the hysterical quality in British euroscepticism. We feel there is a public hysteria whipped up by the Murdoch press which may sell newspapers but its not in the interests of this country. The influence R Murdoch has over Britain via the Times the Sun and Sky over Britain is of Berlusconian proportions.

We have already drawn plans to reduce our exposure to the UK for purely economic reasons, we may well relocate entirely in Bratislava, Slovakia if the same nationalistic rhetoric persists in making us feel that there is a risk of withdrawal. So far we have found that new europe has much better educated and productive people and policies that are in line with reality.

The UK is becoming bureaucratic not due to Brussels, its the unresponsive overpriced and low quality services and property but also there is widespread dishonesty in Banking and insurance and business services, it is generally bad value for money. Banks in particular are a law on to themselves. The personal loan bubble is likely to burst along with the housing one.

The fact that UK employees have much less security and rights than the rest of the EU has made up for the currency risk so far, but if this overpriced and overconfident country continues its direction in pulling out of the EU project this will give us reasons to pull out our investments from the UK altogether to avoid the results of the dangerous direction that pandering to anti-eu-populism prevalent in both parties of government.


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