Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Well done for Conservative Home for spotting this total waste of Licence-payers money

"....the population's admirable health is surely one of the key reasons why Castro is still in power. "

And there was me thinking it was to do with there being no elections and political oppression.

Note this comment

"In 1997 A group of 18 Cuban doctors exiled in the United States released a statement denouncing the Cuban Government and specifically Fidel Castro. They claimed that in Cuba -"the medicines and equipment, even the bedsheets and blankets, (are) reserved for regime elites or dollar-bearing foreigners, to the detriment of our people, who must bring their own bedsheets, to say nothing of the availability of medicines."

Cuba actually had a very good longevity before Castro came to power and the years of American rule early in the twentieth century wiped out certain diseases. Bizarrely, most of the advocates of the Cuban health service believe the stats the Cuban government publishes.

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