Sunday, July 30, 2006

Here's a recent post found on a dating website

39 year old straight male looking for females aged between 18 and 40

recommended by: George, Samantha, Rebekah, Francis and Rachel
children: three
area: Notting Hill

drinking: cocktails
smoking: regular

education: university
employment: marketing
religion: Christian (non-practising)

height: 5ft 8in
build: curvaceous

Party-loving, intelligent, jovial, compassionate, moderniser, fond of biking, the enviroment and ciggies

George has this to say about Dave:
Dave loves riding his bike with me. He always looks out for his friends, and is great at dinner parties.

Samantha has this to say about Dave:
Dave is a great young guy who loves being with his family, until we send them off to boarding school in 2 years time.

Rachel has this to say about Dave:
Dave is a fantastic friend! He's the type of person who will always give you a second chance nevermind how mad you sound

Rebekah has this to say about Dave:
I took Dave to Becks party. He was disappointed when he found out that Becks was a footballer and not a beer, but was dead pleased that someone else admitted to being Posh.

Francis has this to say about Dave:
Dave is the sort of guy who looks to make big changes to any party. He's the kind of guy who is Built to Last.

to which Dave responded:

Thanks guys. I have always avoided online campaigning but since one of the staff showed me how to turn on a computer, I guess I have no more excuses. You know how difficult it is to make friends in London, you end up hanging around with people who all went to the same school and university as you. Being a modern chap, I have a long list of female, gay and coloured friends, many of whom I'd like to work with in the future. I am looking forward to adding to them in the next couple of weeks.

I've found that for some reason my friends have not been good at sorting out girl voters for me. I thought that I would give this a go as I'm told I speak to women in their language. I enjoy travelling and have this year been to a Norwegian glacier. I'm thinking about where to go the next time I have a local election, some people have suggested Australia or Ireland to learn about tax cuts, or Belgium to learn about sticking to promises. I also like to learn about new things, some of my new friends have also suggested that I consider nightclasses in business and economics.

I regard myself as family friendly. I worry about general wellbeing and I prefer to buy local produce and am not a fan of shopping in shops like Tesco that sell things cheaply to poor people. I'm not really interested in talking about politics. I like to look at new ways of doing things and am a big fan of change.

So girls, if you're looking for someone new, and a bright future, then give me a go!

Check the real site at Call me a cynic but aren't these girls a bit too good looking.


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