Sunday, July 09, 2006

Why the Irresistible John Prescott must be saved!

Tim Montgomery and Will Norton's analysis of the DPM's policy failings in ConservativeHome was top drawer. However The TaxCutter is very perturbed at the skills of better-known bloggers at putting the knife into Prezza. Two Jags is a One Man Vote Losing Machine - worth far more to the Tory Party in office than forgotten on the backbenches . Its crucial that he is saved - so here's why
  1. What does Prescott do - his roles have been so limited that when it comes to what's good for the country, there's no real harm in leaving him on the front bench
  2. Prescott is essential is keeping Blair and Brown on a happy footing. And, presentationally, this ties Brown into New Labour's failings, as he should be. Hence, Gordon will get less of a clean slate when he becomes PM.
  3. Prezza's rise from a modest background to Jags and Bitches is to be applauded. And contrasted with the fall in social mobility under Labour since 1997. I can't get wound up about mangled syntax - Prezza communicates well to the general public and is a lesson to those Tories who want to do everything in the form of a dull JCR discussion
  4. Harriet Harman as Deputy PM(T)? Harman has the incredible achievement of being sacked for incompetence by Blair, who habitually backs lost causes past their sell-by-date, after only a year. She's also married to Jack "What loans?" Dromey - the Labour Party Treasurer who couldn't explain the £18m sat in the bank accounts he was in charge of.
  5. David Milliband as Deputy PM. Blairism without the charm but even more patronisng. And do we really want someone representing the UK who is rumoured to have dated a particuarly ugly sitting Cabinet Minister.
  6. A backbench Kingston-upon-Hull MP would spend more time in his constituency. Humberside has enough problems
  7. It winds up the sisterhood - its highly amusing to see female Labour MPs getting, sotto voce, upset by Prezza staying in office. Serves them right for being so two-faced about Bill Clinton and his antics
  8. Entertainment value - croquet, homophobic americans, women who really should not wear leather trousers - what's next!
  9. Setting a good example on crime - Prezza's Two Jabs was to be fair a perfectly reasonable reaction to someone violently assaulting him at close distance. Could JP implement a Broken Windows policy in the UK
  10. Punch and Judy politics - is much more fun than a consensus style - and Prezza remains up for it. And whilst government MPs vie for the role of Hangman and Crocodile it lets Labour appear as the sort of divided party the votes dislike
  11. Let's hit Labour where they have really hurt the country - Prezzabashing takes care of its Tabloid-self, letting the Tories concentrate on Labour's dreadful record on crime, health, education and tax


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