Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Shagged if we pick Shagger

Twice-thrashed Steve was very generous in saying he'll stand aside as a Mayoral candidate, if that's what Dave wants. Funny how comment makers on blogs seek to discredit anyone against a 3rd Norris attempt. Anyone would think that he's already got a campaign team, and they are behind those attacks.........

By my reckoning, Red Ken's desperate for Steve to stand again. Its time to expose those Shagger myths

Steve is a good campaigner: The evidence shows that Norris is a vote-loser for the Conservative party

2000 - Norris won 27.1% of the vote in London. The party as a whole won 29% of the vote.

Norris only got to 42% against Livingstone's 58% after 2nd ballots - he was only 13% of the electorate's second choice. Norris' 27.1% of the vote is one of the worst ever performances by a Tory in a constituency the size of Greater London.

By comparison, the Conservatives got 30% of the vote across London in the 2001 General Election.

2004 Norris got 29.1% of first choice votes. This compares to 31.2% of the votes for specific London Assembly candidates, and 28.5% on the party vote.

Norris got 14% of second choice votes. This represents a 2% increase in his vote.

The Conservatives got 32% of the vote across London in the 2001 General Election.

Basically, both times Shagger has stood for Mayor he's basically underperformed the party by 2% to 3%, ie he gets between 6% and 10% less votes than other Conservative Candidates

Norris as MP As an MP he lost Oxford East in 1987 and won Epping Forest in 1988. In 1987 Labour got a 1,300 majority overturning a previous Conservative majority of 1,267. Norris was the only Tory to lose his seat in the south of England

His 5 mistresses brought unwanted attention to the party when it least needed it.

Steve was up against top quality opponents: OK, in 2004 UKIP did put up Frank Maloney. However, most candidates dream of opponents such as Susan Kramer vs Kramer, Simon "Straight Story" Hughes and Frank Dobson.

And as for Red Ken, well how difficult is it to campaign against the epitome of the Loony Left. The 'Mare is famous for overspending, in 6 years he has doubled the amount of Council Tax payable to him, he has welcomed the IRA, he lauds an Islamic scholar who supports the death penalty for homosexuals and the right of husbands to hit their wives, he has twice been caught making anti-semitic remarks, he built himself a palatial officeblock with taxpayers money, issues numerous propaganda also with your cash, he introduced a new tax on motorists and then broke his promise not to raise it with a 60% price rise, he pushed someone down the stairs at a party, and appoints his cronies to overpaid positions etc. Don't forget, Livingstone isn't even loved by Labour, he's more tolerated and I've not even mentioned his awful record as GLC leader. But despite this incredible ammunition, Steve didn't make any headway.

Steve is the only recognised name: The Tories are having Open Primaries as a great way to ensure that the winning candidate has established a high profile, and will be a recognised name before the proper campaigning begins.

Steve is a hard-worker: Only by the standards of some in CCHQ. In 2004, Norris lived by the old motto "Don't give up the day job".

Steve is really charming: So what, this is London, we don't do charm. Livingstone, see above, is Mayor is you've not noticed.

Steve is the best candidate: I'd quite like to know who the candidates are before deciding who to vote for. The TaxCutter will stand if otherwise only Norris would go forward, so Shagger definitely won't be the best candidate

Steve is a great ladies man: Even the thing he is most famous for, Steve isn't really that good at. Norris once got off with Edwina Currie. Proof, that those who do quantity only do so by sacrificing quality

Steve has a great record: Steve was the Minister for Transport responsible for the Jubilee Line Extension. You know the one meant to cost £2.1bn but which came in at £3.5bn.

Was I right not to vote for Norris to be candidate in 2004?

Don't get me wrong, Steve often comes across well on TV and some of his more liberal ideas should be given more consideration by rank and file Tories.

But his record is poor, I nearly forgot the Conservative Party had a mayoral candidate in 2004. However, following Norris lovers comments in my view I have changed my mind on his worklevels. Indeed, I don't think anyone has ever been more determined to come in 2nd place


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the final answer to everything

At 1:22 AM, Blogger Serf said...

I think we need a new face. Whoever wins, has a couple of years to build up a public profile. The media is far more likely to give good press to someone new (take the Cameron example), whereas Shagger would just see the rerunning of old stories. With a new face, the media is down to asking "what's your favourite restaurant" type questions, the classic who is ..... style reporting.


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