Sunday, July 23, 2006

Prezza's number skills

Prezza's use of words has been much criticised, but his use of numbers is even worse. I've just watched Prezza on Sunday am. He keeps repeating "in my 35 years in politics". Didn't the June 1970 election took place 36 years ago.

Prezza claims that £5bn of investment has gone into the Greenwich Peninsula due to the government. Really, I think you might find that fulfilling the needs of the skyscrapers full of capitalist bankers built about a mile westwards has more to do with it.

Only Labour could actually claim Canary Wharf's success for itself, the only part of Docklands' growth Labour is responsible for is the vast expansion of the Financial Services Authority. For "£5bn" (or whatever the sum really is), Labour should be able to point to something more than just the North Greenwich tube car park.


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