Sunday, July 23, 2006

Mole in CCHQ

Not the hero of South Park, I'm afraid. Instead The News of the World reveals today that a female party researcher in CCHQ is giving away secret info, having fallen for a Labour man. Given that there are about 3 female party researchers in CCHQ it won't too long to work out who it is. The TaxCutter did note that there was a post on Guido Fawkes site in the name of one female researcher suggesting intense dislike of Steve Hilton - so we can probably rule her out then.

Once you get over the obvious jokes, eg Labour must be falling apart if they think people in CCHQ have info worth knowing; Labour have no standards; what - there's someone pumpable in CCHQ; CCHQ is employing girls as researchers?! - then this raises a very serious point about how CCHQ is being run.

In the TaxCutter's experience CRD especially sought to employ people who did not have a history of party activism, or even basic membership. One male researcher in his 30s admitted to never having voted Conservative. If true, this leak should provoke a review of CCHQ employment strategies, and reach the obvious conclusion. The best way to maintain confidentiality is to employ sound and committed persons in the first place.


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