Sunday, July 02, 2006

Death of a great Tory

The best speech given at the Young Conservatives 1992 conference was delivered by Fred Trueman . Admittedly, being more inspiring than Chris Patten or John Major wasn't difficult, but FieryFred gave the "please donate to the begging bowl" speech with the gusto, character and attitude that got him over 300 test wickets at less than 22.0. Fred Trueman wasn't the sort who wanted to have matches off, complained about burnout, or came up with excuses about how the LibDems are just so good at by-elections.

Fred Trueman was one of the best ever Test Match bowlers, and the greatest English one by some distance. His sporting talents have largely gone unmentioned in my lifetime, despite being one of the outstanding English sportsmen of the twentieth century. May he rest in peace.

*PS: Chris Patten - do you still have the leaflet I gave you outside the Eastbourne venue challenging your views on - your words - "the triumphalism of Thatcherism". If so can you pass it along to David Cameron please as he might benefit from reading it too.


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