Saturday, July 08, 2006

Daddy, what did you during the by-election?

In respect of the Bromley & Chislehurst by-election, then in the TaxCutter's case, - the answer is absolutely nothing. There's no excuse for me not having the initiative to get my own backside down to my home county to drop leaflets, knock-on doors, and give Bob Neill the lining he clearly needs.

But what did CCHQ or the wider party do to encourage me or any other London Party members to go to B&C. There was

  • no eMail
  • no leaflet
  • no phone calls
  • no website campaign
  • no organised campaign days
  • no persuasion, gentle or more forced

All in stark contrast to the LibDems and Labour.

No wonder the Tories do so badly in by-elections when they can't be bothered to conscript their own volunteers.


At 9:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Tax Cutter

Stamp Duty Penalty Notices (£100 each)for Late Filing of Tax Returns
(even if no stamp duty is payable and even if only a day late)

In 2003/04 = 6,889

In 2004/05 = 82,302

In 2005/06 = 161,016

Many of these Notices relate to 2 individuals (eg husbands & wives buying homes for their families) - is it realistic to suspect that this could well involve (say) 250,000 individuals (rather than 161,000)

Is this the latest stealth tax ?

Is it right in a Democracy (where Government should be for the People) that so many of our fellow citizens are now treated as quasi-tax criminals, even if no stamp duty is payable and even for trivial delays ?

To pay for Senor Prescott's "business-trip" to Colorado, is the Revenue going to have to increase its target for Stamp Duty Penalty Notices to 250,000 a year ?

Why is no-one complaining about this latest Revenue-tyranny ?

It is worse than living under King John - even a blackguard like the Sherriff of Nottingham did not issue such penalty Notices, when no Stamp Duty is lost or delayed and when the Revenue suffers no prejudice from any delay

Does Tax-cutter have any advice as to how this can be stopped


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