Thursday, June 01, 2006

What's your favourite A list interview story?

I have decided to award a prize for the person who tells the best tale from an A list interview, their's or someone else's. The prize will be a bottle of fine champagne, or similar luxury good for teetotallers, bought of course from my favourite UK business, Tescos.

Here's an example of what you have to beat.

A story has come to light of a potential A lister (who scores well in ratings I've yet to publish) who was interviewed by Anne Milton MP and a volunteer.

In an interview, devoid of any question on the candidates experience as a PPC or of how they would seek to campaign in a key marginal, the question of pension policy arose. The candidate gave the perfectly reasonable answer that the deal with the public sector where they can all officially give up work at 60 would have to be renegotiated to restore fairness between the private and public sectors. And its not a million miles from what the very able Shadow Pensions Secretary Philip Hammond has been saying.

Nursie Milton apparently went into one, about how that was a ridiculous idea. The candidate was rejected.


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