Monday, June 19, 2006

What a good mayoral candidate should be saying

Another mayoral election and the Norris bandwagon chugs into gear. Yet twice before Shagger couldn't get it up and campaigned so poorly its amazing that he's not on the A list. Steve had few policies and made no effort to attack Livingstone for either his long record of extremism or for the paucity of his administration.

What policies should a right-wing mayoral candidate have? Here's a few suggestions:

1. "Broken windows" policy on crime
2. Campaign to reduce the corporate tax rate for London business and increase the income tax basic rate and higher rate thresholds for Londoners. Reduce the income tax rates for Londoners, especially the 40% rate
3. Replace the Greater London, and preferably the Borough, proportion of Council tax with a local sales tax
4. Sensible licencing hours - ie no 11 pm or midnight closure. Do what the great party cities do and let bars open as long as there's a party to be had.
5. Cancel the 2012 Olympics, failing that make only the Boroughs with Olympic infrastructure pay for it
6. The Firemans strike showed that the Brigade had considerable inefficiencies, so privatisation should be on the agenda
7. Sell-off the tube - the whole shebang and not the way the Major administration boot-faired the railways
8. Reform London's marriage laws, make pre-nuptial contracts legally binding, and full gay marriage for those who choose in London - none of this "civil partnership" nonsense
9. Decriminalise prostitution
10. Welcome immigration, immigrants are so vital to London's economic health

11. Decriminalise drug-taking and drug-supply - it should reduce crime (see earlier post) and end the monopoly of criminals over narcotics
12. Ban Coldplay, liberatianism should only go so far

13. Just to annoy the lefties - bring back fox-hunting especially on Primrose Hill and Upper Street

But most importantly never waste an opportunity to expose Livingstone for what he really is


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