Sunday, June 18, 2006

Open all hours?

The TaxCutter has recently experienced stag evenings in both Hamburg and the UK. And you have to conclude that the continent can party better than the UK because its allowed too - especially past the daftly early 11pm closing time! The Reeperbahn was full of small clubs and bars with a great, friendly atmosphere. Denmark and Spain are also great to venture out in.

What's the consequence of this absence of government-imposed boundaries on partying. I reckon that they include:
  • More power to the consumer. Each week thousands in the UK get ripped off by nightclubs charging an entrance fee to listen to 2nd rate music and get overpriced for drinks. Overseas there's few if any entrance charges, often there's not even a basic meathead on the door because the supply of venues is greater and more varied
  • less drink-related crime, punch-ups vandalism - everyone can go out having had a good feed first + drink at leisure. Plus people trickle home which is easier to police
  • Greater variety and more small venues - less compliance normally means reducing the entrance threshold into the market, and hence bolstering competition
  • A better time!
Strangely enough but when you treat responsibile adults as responsible adults they tend to act like responsible adults. The current licensing laws are a joke, being a relic of WW1 albeit with slight improvements in the 80s. The ability to turn UK cities into better party places would alsobring in more tourists ..... and their cash.


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