Friday, June 02, 2006

A List - you're having a laugh

On Sunday evening I'll publish who my research says should have been on the A list. Without giving the game away too much, it shows the following:

  • There's many women, not on the A list, who did better than female A listers - so the "we need more women MPs" excuse for the A list's final composition is about as accurate as tax cuts being contrary to fiscal stability
  • Regional swings are overstated. Many northern candidates put in strong performances
  • Inner-cities tended to produce the worst results. Bradford for example was especially poor
  • No great difference between male and female candidates. However, candidates with Asian names generally performed poorly, but possibly because they were more likely to be fighting inner-city seats. Does this say more about the candidates or the electorate?

Due to boundary changes, I have not been able to produce reliable figures for many Scottish seats.

The TaxCutter looks forward to CCHQ telling him the basis they used to analyse 2001 and 2005 General Election results when picking the A list candidates. Surely they must have had some objective measurement for the key target seats.......


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