Thursday, June 01, 2006

A list interlude - Tax cuts and economic stability

Whilst being very sensible on tax simplification, Boy George got tangled up again on the economic stability versus tax cuts myth.

Ireland, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and soon Canada will all take less of their citizen's dosh than the UK. Ireland, Australia and Canada have all cut taxes in recent years. The result in each case was actually an increase in economic stability as they record budget surplus after budget surplus. Following the Bush tax cuts the US would have achieved the same if only it had not gorged itself on a belly full of pork.

Compare this to the UK, a deficit of 3.4% this year, or indeed Italy, France and Germany - who are meant to be in a Fiscal Stability pact following EU membership, but have struggled to make the numbers add up for years.

Just like his comments about there being no tax cuts in the 1979 winning manifesto, George should check his facts better. And remind his big mate Dave about that EPP promise


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