Monday, May 15, 2006

Nouveau droit

Give our Brian's kid some credit - at least he's been Tory for a few years.

Liz Truss, now only 30 I believe amazingly claims to have held senior positions in both the Oil and Telecoms industry. And in the LibDems? Googling Mel Stride doesn't produce a lot of Tory activism. Zach Goldsmith is an ecologist. Maria Hutchings hasn't exactly got a long history of party membership. Louise Bagshawe must be the only person who ever joined the Labour Party because she didn't like ERM and Back to Basics - like New Labour isn't pro-EU and moralistic. And what did she blame it on - the Catholic Church! This is reality not chick-lit darling.

It would be good if the above conversions are genuine corrections of error by genuine people. Please note wannabe celebs -being a Tory PPC in a key marginal is serious business - its not for the light-hearted, the workshy or the fickle.


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