Friday, May 05, 2006

Make way for the big boys

Nevermind Blair, DC needs to think about his team. Too many aren't punching Alan Duncan's, let alone their own weight.

Anyone new to the UK would think the Opposition spokesman for Health was called Reform. Lansley's MIA when the knife in Hewitt should be twisted. Willets might have 2 brains but what has he thought up on education. Letwin is Head of Policy but opposes having policies. Theresa May couldn't lead a Wendy House, let alone the Commons. Ainsworth is in no danger of any emissions at the environment and Heald stays silent as Labour increasingly bypass Parliament. Maude has castrated the candidates list and our chances in key marginals. Osborne needs to take time to read up on electoral history and see how tax cuts win votes. Some are excited about David Davis vs John Reid. Sod that for a game of territorial soldiers - the arch-assassin should be Shadow Chancellor + target the next PM. Fox is wasted at Defence but did DC intend that?

The Big Men need to be in the Big jobs.


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