Monday, May 15, 2006

A list: Based on past performance ... get worried

The membership of the A list does not point towards a Tory victory next time around.

Let's look at their 2005 General Election performance. The better candidates, eg Andrew Griffith and Conor Burns increased their share of the vote. But others based on 2005 are very lucky to get on the A list. Many got a lower share of the vote than the Conservative candidate in 2001, including Tim Collins, Liz Truss, Nicholas Boles, Philippa Stroud, Katy Lindsay, Phillip Lee, Paul Maynard, Jason Steen, Amber Rudd, Maggie Punyer, Suella Fernandes, Sharon Buckle and Sayeeda Warsi. Hardly a record that suggests you want them fighting the key marginals next time.


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