Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Less Balls please

Gordon Brown's imagination has now extended to appointing his spare brawn as Economic Secretary. Brown has now spent nearly 14 years in the Treasury or Shadow Treasury. Balls has been there for most of the time. Primarolo has been aTreasury minister since 1997, long enough that even she should have realised she doesn't know what she's doing.

Gordon's lot = Same job, same people. My reckoning is that Blair is sharp enough to know that like the economy, Brown's ship is starting to sink, so no harm in chucking another rat onboard. And it all plays into Blair's hands, once Labour MPs and the public realise that Gordon can't think outside of an all too familiar box, they'll realise that a diplomat + team manager he ain't so let's not rush to be rid of wide Tony. Brown's obstinacy in staying as Chancellor means that he's too one-dimensional to be PM. And its hard to tell whether Cameron or Blair are most pleased.


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