Thursday, May 11, 2006

If only they'd have got him to do the purge

Rumours circulated today that CCHQ was being purged. We now have Olly Letwin as chairperson of CRD, Bridges heads up political unit, John Glen in charge of CRD. And a few people have moved desks. Ever heard of a purge which meant the same people ended up in the same jobs!

Noises and inside info from Labour HQ tell of highly motivated individuals with long-term party activism being employed. My inside experience of CCHQ was many weren't party members, + in 1 case had never voted Tory, the then lead Treasury guy played computer games and indoor cricket all day + they campaigned against Nick Herbert getting selected in Flight's seat. Whilst there were some good guys + the occasional girl actually had talent - the simple truth was they weren't recruiting people with enough passion and ability. Going to a posh uni is 1 thing, actually having a perceptive brain and some initiative is another.

CCHQ is meant to be the top political campaigning body - not a gentleman's club. Never mind Prezza's antics and Blair and Brown's latest round of handbags - Labour is a high quality and hard-working political machine and the Tories must stretch every sinew to match it.