Thursday, May 04, 2006

Dawn raids and Project Dave

The perils of election day. Following a local party member thinking it was ok to slag off the Tory council whilst at the polling station, I subbed her in the telling process. This subjected me to 1.5 hours from the sitting Labour councillor about how Iraq war - bad, Polly Toynbee - good.

The TaxCutter was most impressed with the 4am Dawn Raid he soldiered in. But he still stresses that the Tory Party as a whole has got to move away from working safe seats (take a random example - er ... Hampstead Garden Suburb) when key marginals need help.

On the doorstep, I noted no enthusiasm for Project Dave, the few comments on DC were negative. Maybe the public are ahead of Dave, its the economy that counts most, and Dave's not yet got any ideas, let alone big ones, on it.


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