Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Cameron's deft political touches

DC is all for 'change'. Traditional political wisdom says that when your enemy is struggling, go in for the kill. Dave's attitude to Labour's malaise is to start a civil war in his own party. No change there then.

The wrongs and wrongs of having an A list and who is on it are covered elsewhere. But the master manifesto writer should not use that furore to escape censure for his tactic. Promoting the nouveau droit, release the list at a time when you should be focussing on the enemy's failings, not bothering to properly interviews candidates you were never going to pick in the first place, upsetting long-term activists, pretend the list won't get publicly known, effectively telling the enemy that those not on the list are 2nd rate PPCs in your eyes, annoying non-DC voters when the party most needs unity.

The A list shows the arrogance of Dave and his set. Cameron lectures Labour on its failures but he should focus on his mismanagement of his own party first.


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