Sunday, May 28, 2006

and in the papers today....

I can't be bothered to watch Andrew Marr on Sunday 9am. Despite his best attempts, Steve Coogan does Alan Partridge so much better. So I reviewed the papers myself.

Minette Martin has an excellent article reminding us that the 80s are a period in our history to be celebrated, not avarice soaked as some wish us to believe.,,2088-2189965,00.html

Sounds like Frank Lampard Junior is onside.

Surely its no surprise that a well-paid sportsman living in the south-east, the son and nephew of 2 of the more business like characters in football, votes Tory. Maybe he's thinking of the A list - you can't fault the bloke for hard work and if Chelsea are anything to go by, he should have a liberal approach to immigration.

No-one seems to have asked how Cameron got invited to the Beckhams in the 1st place. Becks is a known patriot and the southern Spice girls declared themselves as Thatch supporters years ago. Add in that arch-enemy Sir Alec is a long time Labour supporter, and it appears that DC supports DB, and vice-versa.


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