Monday, April 17, 2006

Wake up CCHQ - there's local elections on!

From 1st, 2nd and even 3rd glance you wouldn't know from the Conservative party website that there's a vital round of local elections in 2.5 weeks time. Was there even a launch? The only mention was a London-focussed press release with the scorpion poster. The campaign is of course policy-lite

Compare this to the Labour and Lib Dem websites. Especially check for Labour's campaign for the locals. Why doesn't the Conservative Party also have a campaign weekend for the locals? Is Prescott actually talking sense for once .......

The TaxCutter is fed up with certain in the party infrastructure telling him that arguing for classic Thatcherite ideas costs votes. Labour does better not because of a national love of New Labour but because it motivates its activists, concentrates on marginals and its HQ understands the critical importance of talking to voters at local level - its simply streets ahead (literally) at fighting elections . Maybe if CCHQ staff were actually sent out canvassing next weekend

The TaxCutter will of course continue to assist the hard-working candidates fighting the key target seats in the Finchley area. The central party apparatchiks could learn much from their dedication.


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