Sunday, April 16, 2006

UK favourites for 2012 Pole Vault - in council tax

Every now and then those Guardian lefties do produce a decent bit of analysis - like working out that the Olympics will cost more than £3.5bn. Any excess will be picked up by London CouncilTax payers - including The TaxCutter who live in a borough which will get none of the infrastructure.

If we assume that the London games will cost the same as Beijing's then that's an overspend of £18.5bn. If we assume that there are 3 million council tax paying homes in London - then that's £6,000 of additional Council Tax each to pay for 2 weeks of sport.,,1754488,00.html

Its worth thinking about leaving London to escape this - indeed the Culture Secretary's husband may be staying in Italy throughout the entire period. Alternatively we could stage a riot in Trafalgar Square to protest - Loony Leftie Red Ken might then get a better grasp of 1989 events


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