Wednesday, April 19, 2006

No Tory left behind?

Frank Luntz's panel on Newsnight identified Health and Education as the 2 biggest issues to voters. Not sure where those punters came from - none of them even mentioned Norwegian glaciers?

Yet despite public discontent on H+E, Labour constantly scores better than the Tories on these issues in polls. Why?

Well for a start - how public a presence are Andrew Lansley, pictured unusually to the right, and Two Brains Willets. Voter recognition of Ruth Kelly and Patsy Hewitt is way higher. And what are the policies - telling people that the Tories will do it the same, but better, ie cleaner hospitals, didn't, excuse me, wash.

Centralist control of Health and education has left UK schools and hospitals in a shocking, unresponsive, and near bankrupt mess. Until the party accepts that taxpayers can best choose the schooling and healthcare they require, it will lack the better alternative to Labour's Nanny State that a people empowering Tory party should offer.

PS Message to the Luntz. In your next focus group do yourself a favour and poll the chicks as to what they think of big ginger beards


At 12:29 PM, Blogger redmayne said...

the picture is of Angela Lanbury, daughter of a former Labour leader and not Andrew Lansley.

I hope this is an ironic comment or I will have to not take you seriously.


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