Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ever seen these people together?

I dig Ann Coulter. The Connecticut Clubber got it right on tax

"Scratching their heads and babbling about long-term economic goals and short-term economic goals, liberals exasperatedly asked how a tax cut was supposed to improve people's lives. To state the manifestly obvious: People would have more money."

England's current No.1 right-wing ranter is Jeff Randall in the Torygraph business. Jeff's recent celebration of Asian immigration and savage hatchet job on Hewitt make you wonder how someone that sound and talented ever got employed at the Beeb in the first place. Check his latest piece - referring to Brown's grasp on the UK economy being as weak as a "Kaliber Shandy".

But I can't help noticing that Ann's literary style bears a remarkable similarity to Jeff 's.

Twins? The same person?

Then it strangely struck me that one other UK newspaper columnist writes in the same style?
.... I'm in the corridor of uncertainty as to their real identities


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